Linked Data Support

What is Linked Data?

Linked Data is structured data that is interlinked with other data to make it more consumable by machines. By harmonizing data elements against existing ontologies, we are able to attribute fields and properties to well defined ontology terms, making them more semantically usable.

While there are several approaches to expose Linked Data, the HIRN Resource Browser makes use of JSON-LD (Javascript Object Notation for Linked Data), a lightweight format that is easily readable by both humans and machines.

For an introduction to how JSON-LD works, visit official site for JSON-LD.

How to Access Linked Data in the HIRN Resource Browser


For machine and search engine indexing, there is a JSON-LD script tag embedded in every resource detail page. This facilitates machine consumption of semantically linked data (such as indexing by google).

Another method is by way of an API endpoint. Use the standard resource API to obtain an unique identifier for a given resource, and pass that identifier to the p_ResourceLD endpoint to obtain semantically annotated results. See our API Documentation for more details.