Release History

Release 4.0.8 - DECEMBER 2023
  • Corrected some duplicate resources and consolidated their respective applications
  • Added highlight for new AAV Vectors from Marcus Grompe
  • Enhanced back end diagnostic reports to improve curation data quality
Release 4.0.7 - JUNE 2023
  • Updated Google Analytics GA4 Property Code
Release 4.0.6 - MAY 2023
  • Improved administrative deletion functions that sychronize with Azure Search Indices
  • Additional administrative reporting to aid in resource curation
Release 4.0.5 - APRIL 2023
  • Removal of legacy backend configuration options
  • Soft delete feature in administrative backend
Release 4.0.4 - JANUARY 2023
  • New and improved GraphQL endpoint for more flexible integration of HIRN Resource data
  • For more information, See Here
Release 4.0.3 - DECEMBER 2022
  • Paging bug fixed in resource browsing/searching module
  • New REST endpoints added to public API to allow querying by investigator or consortium
  • For more information, See Here
Release 4.0.2 - NOVEMBER 2022
  • Linked data support added in the form of JSON-LD metadata on resource detail pages
  • New REST endpoint added to specifically retrieve semantically annotated resource data
  • For more information, See Here
Release 4.0.1 - OCTOBER 2022
  • Global search improved to index additional, deeper resource metadata, improving search results
  • Administrative curation quality-control reports introduced as tools to help curation staff maintain data quality
Release 4.0.0 - JULY 2022
  • Major release. The entire model has been revamped to more closely reflect the metadata and resource types that community need to be collected
  • New resource submission form allows users to fully define a resource for inclusion to the browser
  • Resource browsing module has been completely revamped to allow for faceted filtering of data to help users find resources in an increasingly growing body of resources
  • Global search has been enhanced to provide additional facets to filter results.
Release 3.2.0 - NOVEMBER 2021
  • Global search has been completely replaced with Azure Cognitive Search.
  • Search result page rankings are improved, as well as search speed and responsiveness.
  • Search results can also be furthered filtered with search facets.
  • All public resources and contributors in the system are now indexed via dynamic sitemap.xml for further improved Google Search Engine indexing
Release 3.1.0 - AUGUST 2021
  • Modify titles, headers, and metadata for Search Engine Optimization, ensuring resources are indexed by Google
  • Resources have one additional status - "Incomplete", that allows for flagging resources that are missing important metadata
  • Fixed bugs that occur while adding new resources
  • Backend reporting fixes
Release 3.0.0 - JULY 2021
  • Complete framework overhaul to core 5.0. Along with infrastructure improvements, performance and load times have improved across the board.
  • Oauth login flow revised for better performance and reliability
  • Special Collections are now highlighted and displayed based on resource tags
  • UI and navigation improvements to make search more accessible and facilitate returning to main HIRN website
  • User resource submission process accessibility and reliability improved. UI now provides confirmation when a resource is submitted, designates required fields, as well as showing the status of said submissions.
  • Resource ratings are more prominent in resource detail pages
  • New form for allowing non registered users to request accounts, as well as clearer directions for guiding registered users in logging in and restoring access
  • Data import API bug fix, import process now properly handles tags specified in JSON payload
  • Records with duplicate data cleaned up
  • Resource metrics removed pending further refinement
Release 2.9.4 - NOV 2020
  • Resource contributors are now scored and ranked
  • Optimizations for Consortium and Contributor detail pages to improve load times
  • Revised user profile screens that provide transparency and metrics for individual contributor impact.
Release 2.9.3 - APR 2020
  • Added GraphQL API support
  • New API/Data Integration Portal
  • New Help/FAQ Resources
  • Revised front page
  • Revised styling on pages throughout the site
Release 2.9.2 - MAR 2020
  • Fixed minor search bugs
  • Improved support materials under "support" menu
Release 2.9.1 - MAR 2020
  • Fixed resource detail page bugs where some fields may not display properly
  • Backfilled missing vendor information
  • Contibutors page now lists HPAC contributors
  • The login process is now accompanied by additional help documentation
  • Overall UI and layout fixes
Release 2.9.0 - FEB 2020
  • Enhanced API for batch submission of resources and applications for inclusion in the Resource Browser
  • API Key support for those interested in higher level integration with the Resource Browser
  • Improved interface to RDF TripleStore for increased reliability of linked data services
  • Integration with Google Analytics data to display basic resource metrics on resource detail pages
Release 2.6.0
  • Bug fixes for resource and application submission forms
  • Streamlined BioReagent data model
  • Improved caching and optimization to improve load times for most pages
Release 2.5.0
  • Bug fixes for certain resource category pages that give error when loading
  • Support for registering "applications" of resources along with a ratings module
  • Functionality to allow users to submit resources
  • Improved caching and optimization to improve load times for most pages
  • Audit history of resource data to provide versioning of data
Release 2.0.0
  • Implementation of RDF data model and triple stores with SPARQL query capabilities; serializations in JSON-LD, or RDF/XML
  • Bug fixes for resource and application submission forms
  • Streamlined BioReagent data model
  • Link search results to DKNET
  • Streamlined Resource Detail page
  • Resources with RRIDs now display a link to DKNET
  • Improved navigation to better integrate site with other HIRN assets