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I already know how to login I need an account

Login Help Step 1 Enter Your Username

Upon initiating the login process, the HIRN Resource Browser will redirect you to a Microsoft branded login portal. This portal will authenticate you and bring you back to the Resource Browser. When prompted, enter your HIRN username that has been assigned to you - it's always your username + "@hirnetwork.org" and click on the blue "NEXT" button. If you are unsure what your HIRN username is, email help@hirnetwork.org for assistance.

Login Help Step 2 Enter Your Password

When you were initially issued a HIRN login, you should have received a password as well. If you do not recall your password, you can use the self service password recovery portal, or simply send us an email at: help@hirnetwork.org for assistance.

Login Help Step 3 Accept Permissions

If it is your first time logging in, Microsoft will ask you to accept the appropriate permissions to allow you to login to the system. Click on the blue "ACCEPT" button to continue.

Login Help Step 4 If You have Problems

If the Microsoft login portal tells you your username/password is incorrect, you may not have the right login, or may not have a login at all. Contact help@hirnetwork.org for assistance.
Some organizations (expecially those that use Office 365) use the same login system for other systems, and for some users you may not immediately have an option to provide your login name. Instead it may present you with one or more other accounts. In these situations, click on the "+ User Another Account" option. For some scenarios, you may have to first log out of Office 365.